Foreside Fitness & Tennis, LLC


In accordance with State/CDC rules and general guidance for communicating COVID-19 policies and procedures, Foreside Fitness & Tennis, LLC (FF&T) has developed and adopted the following.



FF&T reopened after mandatory closure on 7/15/20.  In advance, a number of visible and non visible actions were taken in accordance with the State/CDC rules and guidelines checklist.  To earn a “certificate of compliance”.  These actions included:

-Thorough cleaning and disinfection of all areas.

-Installation of plexiglass divider, traffic dividers, directional arrows.

-Removal/elimination of some seating areas, chairs and tables.

-Posting of educational safety signs from CDC and USTA.

-Removal/elimination of fitness apparatus to maintain distance.

-Removal/elimination of personal fans, water fountains, saunas.

-Limit use of Group Exercise room, taped out 14′ separation.

-Installation of multiple sanitizer stations throughout facility.

-Establish mandatory mask wearing policy for all employees.

-Establish mandatory mask wearing for all customers at entry/exit.

-Increase daily cleaning, equipment disinfection.

-Remove personal (Club provided) white hand towels.

-Add colored sanitization towels (provided at check-in) for customer use.

FF&T prevention continues and is upgraded/adjusted when/as directed by State/CDC rules and as possible given overhead allowances/limitations.  We will work to prevent community sports transmission of Covid-19 by following the Governor’s Executive Orders and general guidance as published/revised.


Policy on Covid-19 Response

Upon notice from a Staff member or customer that an individual has tested positive for Covid-19, and, spent time within the FF&T facility; Club management will take the following actions:

-Stop and notify State/CDC offices for specific direction.

-Immediately identify days/times the infected person “checked-in” or played.

-Communicate and notify all/any staff/customers who were also “checked-in”,

following privacy laws and HIPPA rules (to protect individuals).

-Advise and help staff/customers to learn/comply with State/CDC guidelines.

-Take whatever other assistance action State/CDC requires to help contain.

All Staff/employees and Independent Contractors are required to read and follow FF&T policies and procedures.


Click here to view the State of Maine’s Guidelines and procedures for our industry, which we are following to a tee: TenRules