Neila Smith

Classes Taught:

  • Senior Fit
  • Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga

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Training at the USM aerobics teachers program  in 1985, Neila went off to work in the Caribbean for Club Med.  After she returned, she began teaching group fitness at Tennis of Maine in 1993, staying on as it morphed into the Portland Athletic Club and adding yoga classes to her repertoire in 1998.  When PAC closed and reopened as Foreside Fitness & Tennis in August 2008, she was happy to continue teaching Cardio Sculpt, Senior Fit, and Yoga…as part of a team she deeply respects
Neila discovered yoga in 1971, practicing with only the guidance of a book. That experience sparked a lifelong flame. Now a certified yoga instructor, she teaches yoga influenced by continuing study in the Kripalu, Iyengar and Anusara traditions. She also teaches aerobics, strength training and core stability.
“OK, I admit it. It was my love affair with Paul McCartney that got me started with yoga in 1971. Doesn’t matter that I never actually met him. (Well, I did. But that’s another story.) He was going through his Maharishi phase and that was enough for a wide-eyed twenty-year-old with a crush to dabble in all things “Indian.” While Paul may have moved on to other things, I was hooked on yoga and that love affair has yet to end! Besides, isn’t it such fun to realize that the Universe gets you where you need to be…one way or another? And so it is in class. We explore and meander and laugh and breathe, guided by body and soul, to find ourselves.”
Favorite Quote: