Men’s Singles Flex League Schedule

Men’s Singles Flex League ~ Winter Session

Week of 2/17

Caglayan vs. Heestand

McCosh vs. Covey

Bye Week: Dundon

Week of 2/24

Dundon vs Heestand

Caglayan vs. McCosh

Bye Week: Covey

Week of 3/3

Dundon vs. Covey

Heestand vs. McCosh

Bye Week: Caglayan

Week of 3/10

Dundon vs. McCosh

Covey vs. Caglayan

Bye Week: Heestand

Week of 3/17

Dundon vs. Caglayan

Covey vs. Heestand

Bye Week: McCosh

Week of 3/24

Caglayan vs. Heestand

McCosh vs. Covey

Bye Week: Dundon


Sean Dundon

Kevin McCosh

Wes Covey

Alper Caglayan

Doug Heestand

How the Flex League Works:

  • When you and your opponent have selected a time to play your match, call the Front Desk and schedule a “Men’s Flex League Match”.
  • Matches are 90 minutes. Court time is $40/hour during Non-Prime hours only(M-F 5:30am-5pm, Sat & Sun 7am-7pm). Prime Time Hours are the full court rate($54/hour).
  • Each player brings a new can of balls. Winner keeps the unopened can.
  • Please record your scores in the Flex League Scorebook at the end of the match. The book is located behind the Front Desk.
  • Matches are 2 out of 3 sets. In the event of a tie, the winner is determined by the number of games won at the end of the match. Keep your eye on ball and have fun!
For more information, please contact Betsy: